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Planet Charm Choker



The one waiting…was me.

ace attorney trilogy: character art


i want pacific rim to be our generations star wars and by that i mean i want six trillion expanded universe novels about everybody that appeared on screen i want graphic novel spin offs and in thirty years i want to be able to complain about the remake



ihaveapencilbehindmyear asked: So, Rei thinks love is illogical? I always thought he would see the beauty in it, seeing as that is one of his main goals.


It’s because he’s in love with this freaking idiot


and being attracted to this childish, loud, obnoxious, spastic thing defies all logic.

Love itself isn’t illogical. Being in love with Nagisa is illogical. 

But Rei can’t help it because Nagisa brings out the dorky side in him, too, and he feels that Nagisa has changed his world

It’s Nagisa’s silly, joyful personality that brings out that gentle smile in him, but he basically refuses to admit he is in love. 

Meanwhile we are all that muses from Hercules like

sports anime ruined my life
things i never thought i would ever say in a million years (via wikasa) ←



Supportatiel posts! FEEL SUPPORTED! Because Supportatiel loves you.

YES These are awesome! Thanks for making them!


I’ve never drawn Mia properly before so I figured I kinda had to;;

Teach me to color like you this is incredible


Alright good fucking god.

I don’t know whose fault it was entirely but let me say a thing.

When I started .hack I planned on being attracted to certain characters.

Not a fucking blue haired man with a shy arm. 

"a blue haired man with a shy arm" oh my god

(None of us planned for him. None of us.)