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This has been a WIP for actually like two weeks now I’m so done with this piece.

(But not actually because shading still needs to be finished and more of those stupid crystals need to be painted, plus Soushi is still a floating head.)


how this sequence (spoilers, i guess?) ended in my head lol what are hands

so the recent exodus info made me go and actually put effort into getting my hands on heaven and earth and i. i. iiii lost track of the plot halfway through but who cares, soushiiiiiiiiiiii


Kazuki what are you even doing with your hair trying to be like your boyfriend or something?



↳ request by tachibanaharuchan
"I was ready for the downslide, but not for spring to well up.
This feeling calls for everything I can't afford to know is
possible now."


see the way rei is looking at nagisa? and the look on nagisas face? and for christ sakes they are intertwined. this is official art, this ship has to be canon, the writers may not have come out and said it but when they make art like this you know it is.




I drew this some time ago, because as you could find out, I do enjoy drawing Rin as a shark boy ;D If I good remember there was somewhere written that Nagisa can’t do charming butterfly, someone knows more about that? Or I was just dreaming of it?

Wow, so many plans, so many things to do, let me borrow some time and good health, please~